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How to Keep Your Rugs Clean

How to Keep Your Rugs Clean

Rugs can make a room look cozy and warm, but do need some care and attention to keep them looking clean. After all, a stained or dirty rug will spoil the complete look of a room and make the entire room look grubby.

Rugs come in various styles and can cost varying prices but whatever they cost or are made of need to be taken care of. It is essential you try to get to know what care your rug needs, so look at instructions or make sure you ask for tips on cleaning when you purchase a new rug. Rugs and carpets can get damaged quickly in the home from just general use. Here we take a look at some easy ways to keep your rugs cleaned and looking god and hopefully make them last!

Caring for rugs
One of the first steps that you need to do with rugs is keep them regularly vacuumed. Keeping them free of dust and grit will help prevent a buildup of any specific matter that could lead to more major cleaning dilemmas. Leaving grit and dust will only cause damage to the rigs which could lead to hiring major cleaning contractors or even splurging out on new replacement rugs which could cost you a fortune. You can also take them outdoors and give them a good beating. Though this sounds an ancient tradition it works well and gets rid of dust. Even leaving them outdoors for a while when the weather is nice will help freshen them up. Many countries around the world do this type of cleaning and it keeps them free of dust and fresh.

If your rug has tassels then vacuuming them can lead to losing them inside the vacuum. It is a better idea to use a brush to comb them and keep them free of tangles and this way will mean you don’t lose them in the vacuum. Many children’s rooms have furry rugs so encourage them to brush regularly in order to keep them clean. It helps prevent the fur getting damaged.

Keeping on top of a spillage
The most important tip to do is always have some carpet or rug cleaning detergent that you can use if you accidentally spill drink or food on the rug. Or if you have walked in with mud on your shoes or the pet dog has! Making sure you have some old cloth or a soft brush along with a good cleaning product you can wipe up a small spillage instantly. Just make sure that the cloth isn’t soaking wet, as it may not dry out quick enough and smell of damp. Follow the instructions on the cleaning detergent will help.

On the other hand, if you spill liquid the first thing is to apply absorbent paper to soak up the liquid. Don’t rub it in or the stain will spread. Soak up with paper or old towels and then you can tackle the stain. Sometime vacuums have special washing systems that wash carpets and rugs, but, if not use a mild detergent to gently clean the spillage. After you have gently cleaned the area use a hairdryer to help dry the rug. Put it on a low setting and hold the dryer away from the material to prevent any burning to the rug. Or if it is a nice warm day place the rug outside over a fence or a chair. The outdoors is one of the best ways to dry anything, and rugs if not huge will do better to go outside and dry amid the natural air temperature. 

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